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West Point Elementary 3rd Grade  School Supplies 2021-2022      

Set of earbuds
Zipper pencil pouch
Fiskars Scissors
1 inch three-ring binder with clear-front sleeve
2--3 prong plastic pocket folders
2--2 pocket plastic folders (no prongs)
2--Expo dry erase markers (black)
1--wide ruled composition notebooks
1--packs of wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper
72--#2 pencils (no mechanical, glitter, or plastic wrapped pencils--
Ticonderoga brand is preferred)
2--boxes of 24 count Crayola Crayons
1—pack pencil top erasers
1--bottle Elmer’s glue
4--glue sticks
2--yellow highlighters

These items are not required but, are greatly appreciated!
Facial tissue
Paper towels
Disinfecting wipes
Hand sanitizer