Following is a brief summary of the history of WPE.    

West Point was officially named and established as a community in 1918.  The first school in the West Point community was built in 1908 and named Crooked Creek School. The school was moved to its present location in 1918 and named West Point School.

In 1922, a combination auditorium/gymnasium was built onto the back of the original four room schoolhouse.   In 1929, the Vocational Agriculture Building was constructed.  In 1935, the brick high school was constructed.  

The first graduating class was in 1935 and consisted of eight boys and four girls.
The first lunchroom at West Point was an old barracks that was moved from an army camp and set up on campus in 1947.  In 1948, the boys gym as well as an addition to the high school was built.  In 1951, the old gymnasium was converted to a lunchroom.

In 1960-61, the original wooden schoolhouse was torn down and replaced by the present block/brick building still in use today.

Several additions including an elementary gym and two additional sections of classrooms were added in the 80's and 90's.  The latest addition to the WPE campus was in 2002 with the opening of the seven classrooms that serve as our third grade location beside the elementary gym.

West Point was separated into three schools in 1997 (High school, Middle School and Elemenary.  The Elementary school included grades Kindergarten through fifth grade until the Intermediate School was built in 2008.  West Point Elementary now serves between 450 and 500 students each year.  The lunchroom personnel and facilities also serve  the High School students.  The bus system and personnel serve West Point Elementary as well as the High School and Middle School and Intermediate School students.